Sharing the farm project

Even though it is great knowing what we are doing in the farm, and how much we are harvesting, it is pretty awesome to be able to share this with friends from all around the country.

Donna at Relish Culinary School in Healdsburg sent us some of her guests for an up close look at what we are doing at Imagery Gardens.

Kim and Anne took the group on an eating tour of the garden plots and the orchard rows, where they were able to touch, smell and taste the fruits of our labor. After wondering through the farm, they went inside Imagery Winery to cool off and have a glass of wine and some nibbles.

Explaining the farm project.
Exploring the different heirloom tomato varietals.
a closer look
their harvest, maybe the start to happy hour salsa?

detailing the different plantings
wandering towards the orchards
a little conversation about new growth and water usage
looking at new radishes and carrots
Yikes, they are snagging the figs


Do you want to visit the farm project? Let us know, we would love to share our passion with you, we are there almost every morning.


Bountiful Blessings

What a gorgeous day. The birds are happy in there homes, the bees 
are buzzing from flower to flower, the tomatoes 
are ripening and the eggplants are thriving. 
What more can we ask for from our "dynamic" garden? 
It does not get any better than this.


Lots Growin' On!

 one of the many eggplant varieties

 squash blossoms are a good indication 
of what is to follow

oops, these did not make it to the kitchen