ESTATE farming - farming at ESTATE

The herb plots at ESTATE

As we head into our third fall at ESTATE, we have a good understanding about what product grows nicely, what the quails are enjoying and what the ESTATE chefs use the most of. On this beautiful day in October the property looks quite handsome, plants peeking out today to welcome back the sun and for the most part the past few days rain has evaporated.
Apple Espaliers

Tomorrow night, we are having our Harvest Dinner a tribute to the hard work of farming and a time to appreciate the bounty that we collaborated on with Mother Earth. All sorts of produce show up on the menu including sunchokes that will be harvested first thing tomorrow morning, heirloom squash and zucchini that will be turned into over-sized ravioli and sun-dried tomatoes that were dried on the roof at ESTATE and turned into a ragu with peppers from the Imagery Gardens.
Quail have not found this box yet.
With the Devil's Gulch 200 pounder Porchetta, we are serving with Integrale polenta, we are serving what would be expected in spring, but completely happy to be harvested today (baby carrots, radishes, baby fennel) and wood-fired honey roasted squash. Indeed we are anticipating a feast.

Of course a fall harvest menu would not be complete without orchard fruit like apples, quince and figs, all served with rice pudding and pumpkin fritters.

With the last few days of rain we have seen an abrupt halt with our tomato growth, so it is time once again to think of what to do with all of the unripe tomatoes (green tomato jam, green tomato pickles, green tomato sauce ...). I have no doubt the chefs will find a use for every one of them!