300 asparagus plants at the fig

raised beds behind the fig at as winter begins-they will be lush again soon
Our farm project is aptly named the girl & the fig farm project. 
It began four years ago with some planting in the half acre 
behind restaurant. As we've expanded our farm project 
to encompass the grounds at ESATE and then the fertile 
2.5 biodynamic acres in Glen Ellen, 
we of course continue to farm behind the fig. 
parsley box behind the fig lasting into November
The chefs appreciate the convenience of the 
beds abundant with herbs right outside the kitchen door 
and we are continually learning what grows best in this area of full sun. 
We now know that raspberries do well here 
so we will be transplanting those from the farm.
ripe raspberries this summer at the farm
 And chard just loves this spot—it just goes and goes well into January. 
chard still growing in January behind the fig
John has done a lot of research and it seems this spot 
behind the fig is perfect for growing asparagus.

So now that seeds are planted in the lower the quadrants at the farm, 
we returned to the girl & the fig 
to work those beds and plant the asparagus.  

This is a perennial, so we are making a commitment 
giving the space to these plants, but what rewards we will reap. 
In early spring when other fresh vegetables are not yet available, 
having fresh asparagus will be a real treat.  

But like everything about farming, we have to be patient.
We must wait at least 2 years! 
The "Country Wisdom" as well as what John has learned 
from the experts tell us that in the first year of planting, 
it is best not to expect to harvest many spears, if any at all.  

In the second year, you can harvest for 2 weeks, 
in the third year for 4 weeks and in the 4th and subsequent years 
you can harvest for as long as 8 weeks. 
But the plants we are planting now 
will be producing for 15-18 years! 
And when they are producing, an asparagus plant 
can produce more than 100 spears per season. 
We see this as a long term project, and we are serious 
about the farm and what we grow.

In one day Ray and Matt from Local Landscapers 
working with Rafael and Jaimie planted 
300 asparagus in these beds behind the restaurant. 

The transplanted raspberries will share the area and of course, 
we will continue harvesting and growing the chard.

Did you know that asparagus spears have been known 
to grow 10 inches in one day? 
And there are records of shoots weighing 1/3 of a pound each!  
We won't likely be going for anything like that—our focus 
is on taste and bringing the freshest, most delicious 
asparagus to the table for you to enjoy.

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