Summer's approaching...patience at the farm

In a few days it will be the official start of summer. 
While we certainly have already been enjoying the fruits of our labors at the farm, 
we are now preparing to really reap the rewards. 
radishes and onions this spring; photo by Cece Hugo
abundant garlic beds earlier this spring; photo by Cece Hugo

We look forward to enjoying what the chefs will create
from the 350 tomatoes, 100 peppers and 100 eggplants at the farm,
as well as all the herbs and other vegetables.
heirloom tomato & watermelon salad, a favorite at the girl & the fig
featured in our new book, Plats du Jour: the girl & the fig's Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country
photo by Steven Krause 
photo by Steven Krause
wood roasted shiso peppers from ESTATE
Summer begins the time when a trip to the farm is not only 
about the work we need to do, 
but there is always the promise of leaving with something fresh in hand. 

We confess it is often challenging to wait for summer's bounty, 
but the knowledge of how things do change 
at the farm encourages us along.

apricot tree in the orchard in late April
the apricot tree now
A great article recently talked about how gardening teaches us patience. 
In The Telegraph, author James Alexander-Sinclair says 
"gardening is the last bastion of the patient, as nature cannot be hurried...
often the greatest pleasure is in the waiting: 
to appreciate the progress of the plant at every stage." 

We keep the image of something like our lemon verbena pots du crème
photo by Steven Krause 

as we wait for the lemon verbena to be ready. 

For now, though, as we anticipate summer, 
there are a few special things we are creating with inspiration from the farm.

What are you enjoying from your garden right now?
And what have you planted that you look forward to having this summer?

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