Farm Blossoms

Don't you just love squash blossoms?  
We agree with these musings from "The Kitchn:" 
When stuffed, battered, and fried, they are one of summer's chief delicacies. 
But we always had a slight sense of unease when buying them. 
Wasn't it quite a sacrifice for the farmer to sell each flower, 
since he was essentially sacrificing a future squash? 
Wouldn't this flower someday grow into a much larger (and more substantial) vegetable? 
It seemed almost greedy to eat a flower and deny it its future as a squash!
Well, it turns out that we were wrong. Not all squash blossoms will turn into a squash, and we can eat most of the blossoms in our own squash patch with impunity. Why?"

"The answer is really quite simple. 
Squash blossoms come in two genders: male and female. 
Only female squash blossoms mature into a squash. 
The male is just there to, well, fertilize them."

Here is a little more technical info on male and female squash blossoms.

You must be seeing the beautiful squash blossoms at Farmers Markets. 
One simple way to prepare them is to fill squash blossoms 
with a soft herbed cheese, brush with olive oil and 
bake until wilted and heated through. 
What do you like to do with squash blossoms?

summer squash bounty at our farm

Summer squash at the farm inspired Chef at the girl & the fig 
to create a grilled summer squash ratatouille to serve with day boat scallops.
And our friend Kristin Jorgensen featured a great recipe 
for Ribbon Zucchini Salad in Sonoma "Sun Eats" column. 

A lot of squash inspiration for our Chefs
What do you do with summer squash?
The sunchokes are looming over the squash rows. 
Did you know they can grow to be 10' tall?
We had so many sunchokes last season that
Chef John created sunchoke chips! Rivaled potato chips.
Nearby the fertile squash beds, our raspberries are also in full bloom. 
Besides being hard to resist, there are so many health benefits to raspberries.

so delicious right off the vine
we almost can't be sure they will make it to the bowl! 
Here are some great tips from Smart Gardener about growing berries. 
Perfect for dessert just as they are....
Or do you have a favorite recipe that showcases berries?

The farm is fertile and alluring right now.
What's growing especially beautifully in your garden?

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