Autumn at the farm

As the Autumn light begins to cast shadows 
at the farm we know that Winter is coming soon.

Rows of squash continue to grow, bringing many varieties into our 
kitchens to inspire the chefs. Julienned spaghetti squash makes a beautiful 
"bed" for a pork dish. With so many kinds of squash, the possibilities are endless.

Of the many types of winter squash, the oblong striped delicata is often 
called the "cadillac of squash"- it is so sweet. You will find it roasted, 
in soups or a salad as our chefs get very creative with this gem. 
so many varieties of squash

But even as we are well into the Fall season, we still delight 
in finding more tasty tomatoes on the vines. 

we harvested 1500 pounds of tomatoes 
and look forward to green tomato jam this winter.

more gifts that we bring from the farm to our tables 

Here we are approaching winter and we have melons. 
John's lesson from the farm is "Farming teaches us how to cook. 
As we farm, we learn what true seasonality means-you cook with what 
the land gives us not what you 'think' we should be making.  

Don't these persimmons look delectable? 
Since these are the fuyu variety, 
you might be able to take a bite 
if you find a ripe one. 
Beware before biting into the other variety of  persimmonthe hachiya, 
darker orange in color and more astringent and tanic. 
We have those at ESTATE's gardens 
and our chefs create luscious jam to compliment many dishes.

what are these berries?
These are jujube berries from our jujube tree. It is also sometimes called a 
Chinese date tree. These lovely berries are beautiful maroon dots in the orchard 
and they are now adorning the cheese plates at the girl & the fig as an unusual 
fruit compliment. And, they are high in Vitamin C!

Things are changing so quickly now at the farm, what will next week show us? 
We are learning so much from our work on this land and we enjoy sharing this 
experience with you, as well as the true fruits of our labors here.

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