6:20 am Monday Nov. 14, 2011
Farming is all about transitions, growth from one state to anothermovement that seems slow but then there is a change and something new appears. I experienced that first hand one morning this week at the farm as dawn broke, the day began and the sun rose, changing the view of the farm in a short span.

one bed cleared of summer bounty
one bed still growing

Sunrise began and the light appeared 
quickly changing how everything looked.
by now it is 7:00 am 
sunlit hills overlooking our farm beds

Finally sunshine bathes our farm and my shadow looms like a Giant.
It didn't take all that longby 7:20 am, the farm had changed, looking the same yet different. This transition from one moment of the day to the next is a perfect metaphor for what is constantly happening at the farm.
As a biodynamic organism transitions are constant here 
and we learn to work with them.
The land is now cleared of all of summer's bounty. 
But there is still work to do at the farm 
as we are now preparing for a new season.

Yet even as we transition from summer to fall 
looking ahead to winter, 
the farm surprises us with still more bounty.
there are still peppers to harvest
strawberries peeking out 

and fennel

But the raspberries are done until next summer.

Autumn is truly a time of great transition
the bridge from summer to winter.
What will we see next week?

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