The Winter Garden becomes a Spring Garden

While March 20 was officially the first day of Spring,
we were aware of it before then. 
These photos were taken a bit earlier in March,
and you could just feel everything at the farm about to burst!
blossoms on a peach tree (photo by Cece Hugo)
rows of garlic going crazy (photo by Cece Hugo)
Quail egg photos by Matthew Ruff
quail eggs found in one of the rows
and our steadfast egret standing guard at the farm
Our companion planting project has been successful.
Not only are we harvesting more vegetables in the space we have, 
but with the careful work done by Local Landscapers
who know what to plant with what, everything is growing more healthy and robust. 
The radish plants interspersed with onions have done especially well.

just picked radish photos by Matthew Ruff

You can decide for yourself how they taste when you enjoy 
 the heirloom radish starter at the girl & the fig
mixed seasonal radishes, anchovy butter & grey sea salt 

Another sign of spring is the raspberry bare roots beginning to bud

At this rate, it won't be too long before we are 
repeating last summer's berry picking ritual

Sometimes you just have to sit down on the job!

we have a way to go till before we have a bowl of berries
Our tomato starts growing from seeds in the Greenhouse 
mean this summer's tomatoes will truly be "seed to table." 
greenhouse photos by Matthew Ruff 

Thanks to Garden Keepers CSA for the use of the Greenhouse 
and the loving care from Local Landscapers which will take us from here

to here 

(Last season John and the farm team 
harvested almost 2,000 pounds of tomatoes). 

and finally to here!
Did you know that we can go through
70 pounds of tomatoes a day at the girl & the fig alone?

We are getting excited about all that is growing 
now at the farm and will be sharing 
more updates and photos with you soon.
The winter garden is indeed becoming the spring garden 
and the menus at the restaurants are reflecting that.
And we love sharing what we grow with you, here in the news of the blog,
but of course especially from our kitchen to our tables when you visit us.

We also encourage you to grow as much 
of your own food as you can.
And we hope we inspire you. 
Share your thoughts and successes, ask us questions.
A great resource for your home gardens is Smart Gardner Fresh
whose motto is "simply grow great food." 

We aspire to do that every day.
Simply grow great food.
Simply cook great food.

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