Our "go-to" garden

We are back and forth between the Imagery Farm, ESTATE 
and area behind the girl & the fig
Right now the winter plants at Imagery are flourishing, 
so we can put some effort into our "go-to" garden at the girl & the fig
As usual, herbs will dominate here, making it easy 
for the chefs to grab what they need. 
Our raised beds have always served us well and this season will be no exception. 
last season's herbs in one of the beds 
we are getting started with the herb beds  
Also continuing to thrive in the garden behind the fig 
are nettles, chard and rhubarb. 
In "What's growing" post a few weeks ago, we talked about 
how nettles are considered a "super food," because they are high 
in protein, iron, fiber, Vitamin A & Cmaking the effort to 
harvest them (3 pairs of latex gloves!) worth it. 
And how they taste in John's ravioli filling 
inspires us to keep them growing. 
Alongside the chard we are planting kale. 
This effort is a true family affair, with John, 
his wife Tina and mom Judy working the beds. 
Maybe this will be a new kind of kale –"Toulze kale!"
porchetta on a bed of polenta and kale
soon these beds will be lush with kale 
One of the signs of Spring is rhubarb and 
what we have growing at the fig is almost 
ready to taste–a tad too tart today 
in November this rhubarb was dormant in the bed at the fig
now the rhubarb is thriving 

almost ready 
waiting for the stalks to get red and ripe

but you can see the red stalks are getting ready
 to soon become our rhubarb tart.

photo of tart by Steven Krause from Plats du Jour book
John and Chef Ashley survey what's growing at "the fig,"
making plans for tending the garden 
and then what they will cook in the kitchen.

Working our gardens is hard but satisfying work.
It feels good to know where our food comes from 
and we take great pride in creating dishes for you, truly from "farm to table," 
something we have been doing for 15 years.
We appreciate that you come to our restaurants for this experience.
It is amazing to us how much we can grow in the garden 
behind the girl & the fig, only about half an acre.

A few posts ago, as part of our promotion of a fundraiser 
for "The Organic Life" documentary, we posted 
this insightful talk by Roger Doiron.
If you missed it, we are sharing it again.
It inspires us to keep growingand hope it does for you too. 
 (TEDx talk, courtesy of YouTube) 

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