Now is the "IT" time at the farm

Now is the "it" time at the farm: 
When everything is in bloom, plants are growing like crazy 
and there is almost too much there to know what to do with. 
But we are not complaining and our chefs enjoy 
the creative challenge of what to do with all this bounty.
Chef Jeremy at the girl & the fig
During the hard work of prepping the land and the painstaking labor of planting,
 these are the days we dreamt about.

Chefs Seth (left) and Uriel (right) working the land.
And now they are cooking with the fruits of their labors
As spring turned to summer we went from
 the encouraging signs of taller plants to blossoms to fruit.
All along we knew it would be worth it when we got to the days 
of arriving at the farm ready to collect the treasures.

Asian pears just picked off the tree
photo by Matthew Ruff
Atomic red carrots ready for the kitchen
photo by Matthew Ruff  
And these August days, tomatoes
are the "IT" girls at the girl & the fig.
We are now in the bounty time, picking these beauties daily
 from our farm at Imagery Estate Winery.

mixed heirloom tomatoes are finally ripe and ready
here's how they began: tomato starts May 12 at the farm
July the plants began teasing us
We've been waiting and watching the tomato plants since May, 
anticipating one of the house favorite's at the girl & the fig restaurant
the heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, now on the menu
photo by Steven Krause for
Plats du Jour: the girl & the fig's Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country

While we are thrilled to have this popular salad
back on the menu during "tomato time,"
what's especially exciting is what new dishes
have been inspired this summer.
The chefs at the girl & the fig created a special that is only available this week:
Albacore tartare(chives, roasted garlic, lemon zest, basil) 
and served with a garden tomato & chili sorbet.

Also, this week's bistro plats du jour features 
our heirloom tomatoes in the ENTRÉE of herb grilled albacore 
with garden tomatoes, leeks, french bread crumbs.

And, our tomatoes share billing with beans from the farm 
in a new addition to the regular menu: crispy Rocky Jr chicken thighs 
and a summer succotash of fresh beans, corn, bacon and heirloom tomatoes.

What will inspire the chefs next week?
And what are you creating in your kitchen with goodies from your farm 
or what you discover at your local Farmers Market?

two of our busy chefs at the girl & the fig

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