Gold in the Garden

They call them summer squash 
and indeed that is the bounty of the summer!
Like most of you, our squash plants are blooming in abundance.
We have many varieties of this "yellow gold" growing at the farm.

In fact, we even have this one very hearty squash volunteer 
that's popped up amidst the padron peppers!

between the many varieties of squash!

crookneck squash grows at our farm
and lemon squash
 and also Goldenbar zucchini

Goldenbar zucchini are the yellow squash 
that are shaped just like the more standard green zucchini. 
Goldenbars are a little creamier and better for slicing and dicing 
than for grating to use in zucchini bread.
The Goldenbar zucchini can also be shaved with a peeler or sliced thinly for salads. 
The chefs at the girl & the fig, ESTATE and 
the fig café and winebar continue to get creative 
with the bounty from the farm.

Here are some great tips on growing and harvesting squash 
from Smart Gardner's new "Ask a Gardener" series. 

The other "yellow gold" we have at the farm is the lemon verbena.
The plants act as a wind barrier protecting other things growing in the beds 
and of course lemon verbena has a beautiful scent, 
making it a welcome addition to any garden.

But of course, what is best about the lemon verbena 
is what our chefs create with this herb!
A favorite at the girl & the fig is lemon verbena custard.

photo by Steven Krause from
Plats du Jour: the girl & the fig's Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country

Lemon verbena is a very fragrant and versatile herb, 
often used as a scent in soaps and perfumes. 
But there are many ways to use it in the kitchen—brew it in tea
or mix it with other herbs for more layered flavors.

Do you have a favorite way to use lemon verbena?
And what are you doing with all the golden bounty
of squash your garden is giving you now?

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