Going "vegetable-centric"

Sonoma has been sweltering through a heat wave as we head into July. 
It seems the same is true in many other places. 
Really hot days do not usually inspire us to be active, 
instead being the perfect recipe for lazy afternoon naps. 
But of course, we know we have to be out at the farm early to tend to the plants, 
ensure they are irrigated and surviving the heat. 
So far, everything is holding up, perhaps better than we are! 
We will keep an eye on things as this weather continues.
we expect to be overflowing
with squash
tomatoes are going crazy
All the plants at the farm have just exploded in this heat!

The chefs at the girl & the fig are making full use of the bounty 
of fresh local produce, from our farm as well as our local farmers. 
One of our favorite local suppliers is Paul's Produce
Their peppers are featured in this week's plats du jour
and frequently when you order our signature fig salad, you are eating Paul's arugula!
By the way, in addition to their farm blog on Paul's site, 
check out Art on a Farm written by Candi, Paul's wife & partner.
 on left is entree first course of
 blistered garden padron peppers and summer radishes 
fig salad photo by Steven Krause for
Plats du Jour: the girl & the fig's Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country
At this time of year, and throughout the summer,
as we experience the "vegetable explosion,"
 it seems as if everyone is inspired to eat more vegetables, get creative with recipes. 
Sometimes, you just want to eat your meal from the basket of 
what you've picked either from the farm or purchased at the Farmers Market. 
It seems like more and more people are making vegetables 
the focus of their meals-if not fully vegetarian, perhaps the star of the dish. 
Food & Wine Magazine has a great article about 
"vegetable-centric eating, with recipes from culinary stars."

At the girl & the fig, our produce is never an after thought or simply a side show. 
One of our most popular dishes and an especially creative
vegetarian delight is our panisse cake
now served with eggplant purée, grilled chard, toybox squash, and basil pistou.

Eggplants growing at our farm

We figure if you are reading this blog, then you 
love food, and finding out more about it. 
Not only do we enjoy sharing our journey from our farm to your table, 
but we like sharing ideas, recipes and tips with you—as well as 
other blogs we've discovered that we think you might appreciate. 
So, in the interest of food and new discoveries, 
check out American Food Roots, which "explores 
American culture, history and identity through the foods we eat."

Each week we share with you what we are growing at our farm
in our part of Sonoma Wine Country, a place 
that has an unabashed love affair with food & wine
What are you growing to eat where you live?

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