How Does Our Garden Grow

 Grey days when winter won't let go yet 
and the work at the farm continues to be all about prep
We stay steadfast and patient doing the incremental work 
that we know will soon yield harvest.

planting radish seeds at the farm
results a bit faster from the greenhouse:
The white one is an Easter Egg and the pink is a Heirloom French Breakfast variety.
this radish starter at the girl & the fig 
keeps us focused in both farm locations 
 Then a bright spot lifts our mood and we know spring will be here soon.
nectarine tree in bloom 
The work at the farm will bring us the greatest abundance
 but takes more time than our patch of farm behind "the fig." 
But we work on both and much of what we start in the greenhouse 
will soon be planted in the fresh new beds at the farm.

the first tomato starts 
So, how does our garden grow?
Chefs at the girl & the fig dash outside to cut microgreens for garnish 
or check on the progress of vegetables growing.

fava beans anyone?
And the garden outside the kitchen door 
is offering up other goodies for us right now.
rainbow chard ready to be picked
chives coming up
Calendula loves the late winter and early spring weather. 
This variety has attractive brilliant orange flowers. 
The blooms can be used as attractive living accents to cocktails 
or dried and made into tea. 
It is also very good for your skin
calendula in raised beds behind "the fig"
At the farm at Imagery Estate Winery, we are prepping beds 
to plant potatoes knowing soon there will be lush growth 
joining the fava beans we will soon harvest. 
The garden grows, we do our work.
beds for potatoes cleared just beyond our favas
This video gives you tips on the joys 
of growing your garden at home, even in a small space.

How does your garden grow? 

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