Spring at the farm

 Signs of spring across Sonoma Valley continue to pop up 
and our work at the farm accelerates. 
Still in prep mode but now with an eye towards 
what we will plant where, and even more importantly when. 

Work at the farm at Imagery Estate Winery is in high gear, 
laying new lines for irrigation as we finalize the planting plan. 
We know these beds will be abundant with all the tomatoes 
that are now starting to grow in the greenhouse 
and we already have onions growing. 
Radishes are a staple on the menu at the girl & the fig
so we rotate where they will be, but we know we always need to be growing them. 

radishes at the farm
always top of the menu at "the fig:"
heirloom radishes
mixed seasonal radishes, anchovy butter & grey sea salt
onions at the farm
But some things can't wait for the larger plan at the farm. 
Our chefs at "the fig" have diners to please, so we make sure 
there are radishes in the beds behind the restaurant,
as well as parsley and other herbs. 

chives, beans, asparagus, rhubarb and nettle all are growing
in the garden outside the kitchen of" the fig"
And the chard that grows at the fig is always happy, now more so than ever.

"Moms" would be proud–we love our greens! 
We never can get enough of them and are always looking for creative ways 
to use them, whether trying the new idea of "massaging greens when raw
to make a sweet salad, or cooking them.
rabbit with greens & vegetables
And our friend, Marcy Smothers shares a great tip from her blog 
Who knew?

Do you have any tips about your greens?
And what's up with your spring planting?

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