Signs of Spring at the farm

Figs at "the fig!" Right in our "backyard" farm. 
We can't wait for these to ripen. 
Talk about farm to tablethe chefs can truly dash out the kitchen door
pick some figs for our signature fig and arugula salad to serve fresh to you.

With Spring in full bloom, there are many 
other encouraging signs at both of our farm locations.

Beautiful blue contrasts with the white blossoms
of two of our four 20th Century pear trees in the orchard at Imagery Farm.
Vibrant African Daisies highlight
the chive blossoms at the fig garden
The chive blossoms, so sweet and delicate, are lovely additions to many of our dishes.
Did you know the blossoms are great pollinators and attract beneficial insects? 
So, these taste good and are good "workers" at the farm, 
assisting their neighboring plants to thrive. 
 One of those neighbor plants that are really thriving, and a sure sign of the season 
are our Spring Peas which seem to be exploding and climbing high. 
Alongside is the beginning of our bamboo trellis. 
The new growth on the vines are called "tendrils" and are quite tasty. 
Pods should be forming in the next several weeks.
If you look closely you will see that the leaves are actually variegated.

Not too long to go from these in our garden, to this at your table!
photo of sweetbreads with spring vegetables
by Steven Krause for
Plats du Jour: the girl & the fig's Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country

Spring is an especially lovely time to enjoy 
one of our popular cocktails, lavender mojito 
made with cruzan light rum, lavender & rose water simple syrup, 
lime juice, muddled mint.  

The mint comes from our farm, so this one very fresh drink! 

We grow mint in our raised beds behind the fig as well as in the garden area.
We were still harvesting a late winter spearmint garden, last month. 
You can see the new tender growth that forms after 
you take the older growth all the way to the ground. 
Mint is extremely resilient and benefits from 
very aggressive pruning several times a year. 
It should be contained as the tuberous roots can spread quickly.

better get to the mint in this raised bed!
While these are sure signs of Spring, a peek inside the greenhouse 
and the tomato explosion there
is a glimpse towards Summer. More to come on that, soon. 

What is growing in your Spring garden? 
And what have you been doing in your kitchen 
with the spring bounty you find at your Farmers Market? 

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