Tomato Talk, already?

What's going on behind this curtain? 
Lots of good stuff and true farm magic.
We are currently growing over 800 tomato starts for our farm project. 
We have another 600 on their way  making a total of 1400 tomato plants 
produced this year from SEED! 
Kind of boggles the mind, don't you think? But it's true. 
And if you've ever been overly enthusiastic planting a few too many tomato plants 
(is that a contradiction in terms?) in your backyard, 
you understand–going from fresh tomatoes all summer 
to learning to can or freeze for sauce. 
But hey, that's not really a problem, right?
this tray alone can yield 1500 pounds of tomatoes!
We aren't worried about how our chefs at the girl & the fig will use all the tomatoes 
we are looking forward to harvesting this summer. 
Besides our popular standards and whatever new inspirations they will cook up, 
Executive Chef John Toulze has been creative in the past 
sun drying tomatoes, freezing for sauce, making tomato jam. 
tomato watermelon salad
tomatoes and mozzerella 

We know it's early to be talking tomatoes, but it's hard not to, 
when we see all the activity in the greenhouse.

last week our first anxious start "starting"
more coming up this week
just imagine how these will look soon!
not to be outdone by the tomatoes,
these Purple Royalty Beans are standing tall 
when we harvest these beauties, they will be purple;
when we serve then to you, they will be green!

Have you planted seeds to have starts for your farm project? 
What's "starting" to come up?
And if you are not sure how much is too much, here are 

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