Signs of Autumn

Today is the first day of fall. 
As we've been saying, autumn is creeping up on us 
with the change of light and cooler mornings and evenings, 
but summer holds on, especially during the day. 
Our neighboring winemakers applaud this two-tiered weather pattern 
while acknowledging that harvest has come early. 
photo courtesy of Hwy 12 Properties 
And, we just hang in there with Mother Nature at the farm, 
as the summer harvest continues a bit longer, still giving us strawberries, 
tomatoes and cucumbers to inspire the chefs.
strawberries still growing at the farm
inspired a recent dessert finale to plats du jour menu:
cheesecake parfait, fresh berries & vanilla crema
the late morning/afternoon heat has brought us
super-sized heirloom tomatoes
which are still abundant at the farm.
We expect to have harvested 4,000 pounds of tomatoes this summer,
and are amazed that the tomato plants are still flowering for more fruit to grow!

while still relishing the tomatoes we bring them,
the chefs' concession to fall is:
oven-dried tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, frisee,
shaved crostini, fig balsamic & California olive oil
But as we've been saying, we have our eye on autumn.
And in fact, we can now see some of what that will be at the farm 
as the winter squash we planted a few weeks ago has begun to make its appearance.
just a few weeks ago, the squash beds in the upper quad
is now overflowing!

soon this beautiful blossom will be bring us a tasty squash
some are already appearing 

We are looking forward to what our chefs will do with our winter squash.
 honey glazed winter squash photo by Steven Krause for
Plats du Jour: the girl & the fig's Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country
a sure sign of fall is the gourds and squash at our farm's neighbor
Oak Hill Farm in Glen Ellen
There are signs of fall all over the area, "including the 18,000 pounds of pumpkins 
Jim Groverman, owner of Petaluma Pumpkin Patch and Amazing Corn Maze, 
just shipped to pumpkin sellers around the Bay Area."
His "Amazing Corn Maze" has been a popular fall attraction 
for 20 years and is about to open.
You seriously can get lost in this corn maze, even the man who created it! Take a peek:

What do you look forward to in the autumn season?
And what are you growing for fall?
For Sonoma locals, here are some tips on what to plant in your garden for fall.

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