Farm highlights

humbled indeed when we discovered
one of the birds was feasting on our figs!
who can blame them though?
As we've talked about here, farming keeps us humble 
and on our toes—there are things we plan for and can expect and often things we can't. 
We are always adapting and learning.  
The farm reminds us that it is an alive and constantly growing place
not much time between the planting of the upper quad
and the winter squash explosion!
Sometimes it is the surprises we find that are 
even better than what we expect to see.
we are still amazed at the blossoms on our tomato plants
late September!

Some other farm highlights include:
we always love the first fig sighting
behind "the fig"
and this one at the farm.

knowing that even those these tomatoes are green,
they are ready
and will soon be these "fried green tomatoes" at
the girl & the fig
encountering a bee hard at work
and a lizard too. Can you find this guy?
cropping makes him a little more visible,
but his camouflage suit is pretty good
and running into this bird right outside the orchard
he was busy getting his dinner too!
The farm is in flux right now as we transition 
from summer to fall and look ahead to winter.
summer squash competes with
winter squash to inspire the chefs!
these beds will soon have leeks & garlic
and our Atlantic Giant squash is close to harvesting
did you know Atlantic Great squash have been bred for 130 years?
and our persimmons will soon be ready 

What surprises do you find in your garden?

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