the farm project - a biodynamic organism

We are approaching the end of December which also marks the end of the year. 
But this "end time" is also a beginning for us—starting our Winter Garden.
In the third year of our farm project this is the first time 
we have planted a Winter Garden, so this has not been an idle month for us.  
As you've seen, we cleared the summer beds and 
followed the garden as it made its natural transition from Fall to Winter.

at peak of summer
last of the squash this Fall heralding the end of harvest
frosty mornings mean winter is here
The soil in the lower quadrant beds needed to be amended 
with nitrogen and oyster shell lime for calcium and pH adjustment. 
The lime bolsters the soil's water solubility. 
John working the beds before amending soil 
John (center) confers with Matt and Ray from Local Landscapers

Oystershell lime promotes healthy root growth,and improves soil compaction. 
This is all part of our commitment to farming a Demeter certified biodynamic farm.  
Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that 
emphasizes the holistic development and interrelationships of the 
soil, plants and animals as a self-sustaining system.  
This is the highest level of organic farming and your approach to farming this way 
goes further than just refraining from the use of pesticides.


"Biodynamic farming is a type of organic farming that 
incorporates an understanding of 'dynamic' forces in nature 
not yet fully understood by science. 
By working creatively with these subtle energies, 
farmers are able to significantly enhance 
the health of their farms and the quality and flavor of food."
Chef Uriel from ESTATE works the farm 
This is an especially good fit for our farm project and resonates with us
as we all work together to grow the food we will offer at the restaurants.


To have a successful biodyanmic garden 
 a great deal of care and individual hard work 
is required to maintain that delicate balance. 
John, the restaurant Chefs, Matt and Ray from Local Landscapers 
and Jaimie and Rafael spent 
much of December working the land by hand.  

Our farm is part of Imagery Estate Winery's commitment 
to having their land Demeter certified.
This organization is the world's only certifier of biodynamic agriculture practices, 
so we take seriously what we need to do for our part in the process.


Did you know that Demeter is the god of grains and fertility?
I like to think that he is working right alongside us as things grow.

I know that the birds and animals that co-exist 
with our plantings at the farm do their part.


And this majestic egret visits often to check on our progress.
Like you, he is following along as we plan and plant at the farm.

So we begin a new year with a new garden project 
and look ahead to what it will yield.

For us, at the fig farm project, 
winter is not a dormant time at all.

We want to hear your comments and questions here 
and look forward to sharing the fruits of our labors 
from the farm with you at our restaurants.

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  1. To the Fig Farm Project Crew,

    I'm curled up next to the Christmas tree with a hot cup of tea, and reading about this project makes me feel like I'm standing out in your very fields smelling the fresh dirt beneath my nails.

    Thank you so much for what you do, and sharing the fruits of your labor, I truly hope this project continues to flourish!

    All the Best,