Beginning the Winter Garden

December and it is time to plant anew.

It will take an enormous amount of work, patience
and luck to get from here to here
And as John told me recently.
"This is a farm, so plans don't necessarily mean much."
We learn every day that in spite of all our planning,
 it is Nature who has the most say
over what we will accomplish here.

But we we remain inspired. 
The taste of this past summer's treasures 
and the delicious food our Chefs created 
from our farm's bounty keep us committed to working the land.
ESTATE's Chef de Cuisine Brian West before he works his magic 
So we look ahead to our Winter Garden

and the work begins
Matt and Ray from Local Landscapers will work the farm with John 
John tending the beds as they are prepared for our first plantings

And on this first day of putting plants in the ground
we have planted 8 rows of garlic.
Seems like a perfect beginning.
I can't wait to taste the dishes that will be
enhanced by what will soon grow here.

Soon to come on the blog,
more detailed chronicle of
how we prepared for the winter garden
as well as what we are growing at ESTATE and the girl & the fig.

We hope you enjoy this diary and invite you to join us on this journey as we
grow and learn at the farm and then celebrate at the restaurants.
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