Back to the beginning

Our recent talk about transitioning from one season to the next 
reminds us that the farm, like everything involving growth 
(perhaps most especially ourselves) is a continually evolving process. 
And to best appreciate that, it is a good thing to stop every once and awhile 
to consider our beginnings.  
beds behind the girl & the fig restaurant--our first garden

Going back to where you began a project 
gives you perspective on where you are now, 
helps you stay on track and remember or refine your goals. 
So, as John wraps up this season and looks ahead to next, 
it was just the right time to return to the beds 
behind the girl & the fig with his farm "guru" Colby Eierman 

We know these beds are great for growing chard, 
which is still flourishing even in November.
Now that our farm project has grown beyond these beds, 
we are are able to expand our vision-this is no longer our only resource for farming. 

This year John discovered that raspberries did really well 
here so we will transplant from the farm in Glen Ellen 

to the beds behind the girl & the fig 
and look forward to raspberry desserts next summer.

Colby's advice is to use your observations 
about the plants to really "learn your farm." 
Notice what was strong where and you can repeat that.  

 And then for things that did not do so well 
in a particular spot, maybe you go lighter next year or try something else.  
Remember the continually evolving idea...
the farm is growing even when we can't see it happening. 

What will we grow in this spot next year?


  1. So great to see where it all started. Plus the "try, learn, change, shift, improve" learnings are so worth sharing and applying way beyond what happens in our gardens and farms (and restaurants for that matter). Love the blog.

  2. Recently discovered this blog and keep coming back for more. The combination of text and photos is so powerful and evocative -- it's like actually being in the garden. Very soothing and very welcome in a busy day. Keep up the wonderful work (on the blog, in the gardens, in the restaurants -- everywhere!).