The many faces of our farm project

So we are planting our first winter garden out at Imagery Estate Winery.
Beds from the summer bounty have been cleared.

John and the crew were out with a rototiller 
and we've been amending the lower beds 
with natural sources of calcium, straw and
compost readying them for our winter crop.
Our first planting has been garlic.

Rafael and Jaimie painstakingly placing cloves in the ground.

While the Glen Ellen farm segued from 
late Summer to Fall and now to Winter, 
our garden at ESTATE held onto Autumn a little longer.
It was not too long ago that the pomegranate tree at ESTATE 
cast a golden glow on the walkway.

The red of the fruit and the bright yellow leaves 
were incandescent and radiant, fooling you into thinking
Indian Summer would linger a little longer.

But then, just like the misty mornings 
at the farm brought frost to conclude our Autumn harvest
the windy days hastened the pomegranate tree's transition.

The luscious fruit ripened in the sun, 
and the tree gave us forty pounds of pomegranates 
changing from smooth red orbs 

to art objects adorning the tree

The birds couldn't resist and the fruit 
literally burst with flavor.
Our chefs were inspired as well.

ESTATE's Chef Brian kept a close eye 
on these pomegrantes and began 
a 4-course La Cena di Famiglia meal with 
shaved brussels sprouts salad
hazelnuts, pomegranate, ricotta salata, white balsamic vinaigrette

At the girl & the fig, Chef Erin created a salad of
red and white endive, fuji apples, pomegranate seeds, 
fourme d'ambert cheese, candied walnuts 
with a simple syrup pomegranate vinaigrette: 
pomegranate molasses, red wine vinegar, blended oil, salt, sugar, lemon juice.
salad photo by Deirdre Bourdet before she took a bite!

Farm to table is not just an idea —  it is becoming a mantra for us.
While we may not be able to grow everything 
we serve at the restaurants, our experience 
at the farm and in our gardens 
continues to guide us in our endeavors to bring you simple good food.

We welcome your comments on your favorite meals at the restaurants
or a dish that you particularly enjoyed.
And please do comment here about our farm project.
We want to share it with you through this blog 
so you have a deeper connection with what we are doing.

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  1. Wow. I eat what I call "poms" every morning. As a city girl, I've never seen them in their natural habitat. Thanks for the education!