The Zen of Farming

Why do we farm? While our main motivation 
is to grow our own food, know where our vegetables come from, 
have control over how organic and natural the process is, 
and to share that with you, our diners, we also find 
ourselves drawn in to the "zen of farming," the experience 
and connection with the land which leads us to a greater re-connection with ourselves.
Executive Chef John Toulze
alone in his garden "behind the fig"
Perhaps we knew it and perhaps we didn't really know the extent of it, 
but the farm(ing) draws us in and invites reflection on things we didn't anticipate
well beyond the importance of caring for the land and cultivating good food.

We certainly don't purport to anything approaching preaching on this subject, 
but we just know the benefits we reap from our labors.
And we appreciate our neighbors in the area who subscribe to this as well.
We "got it" immediately when we read a recent post at Edible Marin & Wine Country's 
about Green Gulch Farm in Marin: "The farming at Green Gulch is 
about taking care of the land completely, whole -heartedly, 
with attention to detail...we practice the full experience of interconnectedness." 

Another neighbor we salute is Slide Ranch
a non-profit teaching farm in the Marin Headlands,
"which has been providing Bay Area children and their families 
hands-on opportunities to learn about where our food comes from, 
as well as environmental stewardship, since this historic 
34-acre dairy property was first protected in 1970.

As we stop and reflect on what needs to be done at the farm 
to look ahead and prepare for what we will do next,
it seemed like the "right moment" to ponder why we are farming at all.

Why do you farm? 
What do you "get" from your garden, 
besides delicious vegetables and fruits?

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