Seasonal colors

that we are shifting seasons here in Wine Country. 
It gets dark earlier each evening and we notice it is no longer possible 
to take a morning walk in the light around 6 am. 
Halloween decorations do not seem premature as October flies by, 
but the colors at our farm still alternate between signs of summer and cues to autumn.
the tomatoes just keep on going!
persimmons signal fall in the orchard
as do the juju berries 
But even as we continue to harvest our precious tomatoes, 
we know that most of what we are picking will 
soon be frozen or preserved in some way.

And as we've done with the other beds at the farm, we will clear away the 800 plants, 
refresh the soil and plant something else for our winter garden. 
broccoli and radish planted here
While we are always reliant on the weather for success at the farm, 
in winter, we are even more dependent on "good" weather, 
so we stick close to what we know works well for us at the farm.
carrots are always on the menu "at the fig"

Our chefs make good use of our carrots, whether at the bar or in the kitchen.
"The Harlot" cocktail with carrots & beets from the farm
Executive Chef John Toulze 
at the farm now, we have several varieties of carrots:
amarillo which are yellow and berlicum which are orange
amarillo carrots
berlicum carrots
Did you know there are many varieties of carrots
Carrots range in color from orange to yellow, white to red to purple!

The farm palette is colorful each season, whether it is a rainbow of tomatoes choices, 
all the varieties of squash, carrots and radish.

what will we see at the farm growing here?

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